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7 Tips to Embrace Adventure When Things Don’t Go Your Way While Traveling
7 Tips to Embrace Adventure When Things Don’t Go Your Way While Traveling

As Robert Burns alluded to in his poem, To a Mouse, your best made plans may not always turn out the way you hoped for or imagined. But…don’t despair! That’s part of the adventure!

7 Tips to Embrace Adventure When Things Don’t Go Your Way While Traveling.

#1: Don’t Jump the Gun

You’ve searched for the perfect place to stay during your vacation. You show up after a long flight, hungry and tired, and are looking forward to relaxing in the apartment or hotel room you rented before heading out to see the sites. You arrive, and arph! Your accommodations aren’t ready and not at all what you expected! You feel angry and frustrated and want to find another place-pronto! What to do?

Case in point: I recently rented a room in someone’s home for a week-long stay in Spain, as I was unable to secure a home swap for my travel dates.

I was upset when I arrived, as the location was much further from the center than I expected. In addition, there were bars on the windows in nearby apartments, which made me question how safe the area was, and I didn’t know I’d be sharing a bathroom with the owner and her roommate. I wanted to bolt! But…after the initial shock, I decided to give it - and - myself a little time. In the end, I was happy I had waited. The owner and her housemate were lovely, sharing the bathroom worked out (they were often away), and, more importantly, I felt completely safe; even being out past midnight! I took the bus when my destinations were too far away to walk, and was glad I had stayed someplace other than the very busy center.

Tip: First impressions aren’t always accurate! Address your concerns, as warranted. Then, give your situation a day or two to resolve*** If you’re still uncomfortable, explore what else is possible. (See Tip #6 for more info)

#2: Stay Open

When things don’t work out the way you hoped, stay open to unexpected surprises! It may change your point of view!

Case in point: Even though I wasn’t happy with my accommodations when I first arrived, I found a beautiful place to walk along the river later that day, while looking for the bus stop. Had I not been open, despite my disappointment, I may have missed it! I enjoyed a long walk by the riverside a few days later, and even discovered a new neighborhood! I was delighted with my experience, which helped to change my mindset.

Tip: Be open to unexpected discoveries awaiting you! They may be closer than you think!

#3: Take Time to Rest

Spending x number of dollars (or whatever your currency is!) may tempt you to get the most bang for your buck, and see everything on your list, and then some! Yet, trying to take in more than your energy allows may leave you feeling worn out and cranky. You’ll have more fun (and energy!) if you sit, refuel and rest.

Case in Point: An 8.5-mile walk, after a long day, left me feeling overtired, sleepless, and unable to enjoy the next day’s walking tour, as much as I might have, if I hadn’t pushed myself the night before.

Tip: Pay attention to your body. Stop and rest, as needed. Think of your itinerary as a smorgasbord of choices that you can pick from at any given moment. When full, take a moment to digest before moving on to the next experience.

#4: Create Balance

Some people love to plan; others love to wing it. An over-booked agenda, or having none at all, can lead to disenchantment.

Case in Point: Over planning leaves me feeling tired, irritable and unable to enjoy my experience. Yet, having nothing planned can lead to feeling lost and lonely, particularly when traveling solo.

Tip: Choose two or three things you would most like to do or see. Then, use the rest of your list (if you have one!) to fill in the gaps, as desired. You’ll leave room for unexpected surprises, and create some needed balance.

#5 Don’t Break the Bank

It’s easy to spend more than allotted, particularly when traveling someplace new. Dining out, cultural activities, transportation and gifts (for ourselves and others!) can lead to overspending, and create unwanted debt. Having unlimited funds is great, but spending more than planned can be stressful if you’re on a budget. So, how can you stretch your dollars?

Case in Point: Exchanging homes has allowed me to fulfill my travel dreams when I might not have had the funds, otherwise. In addition to reducing lodging costs, home swaps have allowed me to cut down on other expenses, and use my resources for the things I really want to do.

A flexible spending plan opens up numerous possibilities. For instance, I often eat breakfast at home, pick something up at the local market for lunch and; enjoy eating out in the evening. This strategy recently gave me the option to take my first flight 90-minute flight in a hot air balloon! (PS: I like to eat out, and enjoy local fare, but it’s not my highest priority – your choices will likely be different!)

Tip: Be creative. Think outside of the box. Brainstorm ways to have the experience you desire without needing to break the bank.

#6 What Else is Possible?

Asking this question is the open sesame that leads to new ideas and options.

Case in Point: I ask this question when feeling stuck and in need of clarity. It clears my mind, opens my awareness, and provides me with inner guidance.

Tip: When things don’t work out the way you planned, or when you would like additional options, ask: What Else is Possible? Let go of preconceived notions, and be open to the answer. The ideas will feel simple and right, and you will feel a sense of lightness.

#7 Meditation

Taking a few minutes to meditate creates a more relaxed and enjoyable day.

Case in Point: Jumping out of bed, and into my activities, leaves me feeling rushed and scattered; while taking a few minutes to meditate helps me to focus, and create a relaxed and enjoyable day.

Tip: If you’d like to try a simple exercise, here’s one of my favorite practices by Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh. Try it for a week or two. Then, see if you notice a difference in the way your day unfolds. To start, power down your phone, sit comfortably, and repeat the exercise three times through. When finished, sit for a minute or so, and soak in the peaceful feelings.

Breathing in, I calm my body (repeat silently as you inhale)

Breathing out, I smile (repeat silently as you exhale)

Dwelling in the present moment (repeat silently as you inhale)

I know this is a wonderful moment (repeat silently as you exhale)

Please leave a comment! I’d love to know how it goes!

Wishing you a wonderful journey!

***Of course, if the situation is dangerous, or truly unacceptable, don’t wait. Seek support and alternative lodging. (I once had this happen with an Airbnb that was filthy. They put me up in a hotel that night, and I moved to a beautiful apartment the next day.)


Theresa Conti is a Life Coach, and seasoned traveler, with more than 30 years’ experience. As a Stress and Life Balance Coach, Theresa helps her clients alleviate stress, and develop inner resources, like confidence, contentment, and connection, so they can live with greater ease, realize their goals and dreams, and better meet life’s challenges. Contact her at Theresa@reconnecting2you.com to schedule a complimentary consultation. You’ll get acquainted, share your dreams and goals, and explore how she can help you.

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Finalizing Your Home Swap: A Comprehensive Guide
Finalizing Your Home Swap: A Comprehensive Guide

Why You Should Finalize Your Swap on Our Secure Website

Congratulations on getting one step closer to traveling the home swap way! You've agreed on dates with your exchange partner, and the excitement is building. Whether you made the connection on our platform or through our home exchange group, it's crucial to bring the conversation back to our website to finalize the exchange securely. Here’s why:

  1. Leave and Receive Reviews: Finalizing your swap on our website allows you to leave a review for your exchange partner and receive reviews on your listing. These reviews build trust within the community, making your profile more attractive to future exchange partners and opening you up to more requests.
  2. Complete Your Swap with Verified Members: Finalizing the swap on our platform ensures that you are dealing with a verified member. This added layer of security helps protect both parties, giving you peace of mind as you embark on your home exchange adventure.

How To Finalise Your Home Swap

How you choose to finalize your home swap is entirely up to you. Here is your step-by-step guide to finalizing your home swap:

  • Reciprocal Swap: Exchange homes with your partner at the same time. This is a straightforward swap where both parties benefit simultaneously.

  • Non-Reciprocal Swap: Swap homes at different times that suit both parties. This allows more flexibility in scheduling and doesn't require simultaneous travel.

  • Hosting: Host a guest in your home without needing to swap. This option is perfect if you enjoy having guests and don't necessarily need a place to stay yourself at the same time. You will receive Sanddollars for doing so.

-SandDollars: Use our Sanddollars for greater flexibility. This system allows you to stay at a member's home without them staying in your home, giving you more options and convenience.

You can find and reply to your messages by clicking on the messaging tab in the top right-hand corner once you are logged in to your account. Your inbox will open with all your conversations. Simply click on the conversation regarding the swap you would like to finalize.

How to Pre-Approve

Once you've located the conversation with the member you're swapping with and confirmed the dates, you're ready to proceed to the next step. Begin by clicking "Pre-Approve." This will take you to a confirmation page that displays your conversation history and indicates that your swap has been accepted.

On this page, you can finalize the agreement details to ensure everything is clear and documented. Click on the agreement link, which will direct you to an external form. Completing this form will take about 20 to 25 minutes. After filling out the form, submit it to share the necessary details with your exchange partner through Habiqo. The form will include important information such as the number of guests, arrival and departure dates, and emergency contact details.

How To Finalise Your Swap

After completing the form and returning to the Habiqo website, you'll notice the "Finalize" button on the right-hand side of the screen. By clicking on "Finalize," you'll access the "My Upcoming Trip" section, which displays all the agreed-upon details.

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Following Your Dreams: Facing Your Fears While Traveling Solo
Following Your Dreams: Facing Your Fears While Traveling Solo

Do you have dreams to travel, are tired of waiting for someone to join you, and are afraid of going on your own?

Let’s face it. It can be scary taking the leap and going someplace new– particularly alone - like a new country, with new customs, and where people speak a language other than our own. It can feel both exhilarating and scary as we step out of our comfort zones. But that’s also part of the adventure! Travel provides an opportunity to open ourselves to new ways of being, thinking and experiencing something new, as we break out of the known and expand our points of view.

Many years ago, when I was in my 30’s, I realized that if I waited for someone to do something with, I could be waiting for the rest of my life. That wasn’t very appealing! So, I decided to venture out. There was a band I liked playing at a local bar, and as I love music and dancing, I wanted to go. I felt scared and intimidated, but that was better than sitting home alone!

To support myself in my new endeavor, I created a safety net and made a contract with myself to stay for 40-minutes. If I wanted to leave after that, I could. I developed a foolproof approach by getting to the dance late, so the band would already be playing and I wouldn’t feel so out of place. But life had other plans! Although I got there nearly an hour late, the place was empty, and the band hadn’t even arrived! I wanted to bolt – but I didn’t. I went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and reminded myself of my contract. I took a breath, left the bathroom, and chose a seat at the bar rather than sitting in the empty ballroom. I struck up a conversation with the bartender, and my fear began to fade. As the hall began to fill with other dancers, and the band began to play, I was happy I decided to stay. In fact, I had fabulous time, asked someone to dance, and stayed the entire night!

How does this relate to facing our fears while traveling? Unexpected things happen. The best made plans may fall apart, but there may be hidden surprises just around the corner. Trains may be late, or we may feel lonely and wish we had someone to talk to. But don’t despair, there are solutions for every problem.

We all have dreams. Whether we go for them or not determines the level of energy and joy we experience. To bring greater balance into our lives, it’s necessary to tap into what really turns us on, and to fulfill the dreams and desires that make up a part of who we are.

As a Stress Management and Life Balance Coach, I recognize that we are all different. Some of us are ready to leap into the unknown; no holds barred. Others of us need to venture out more slowly, building confidence and courage as we go. There’s no one right way. But, if we want a bigger life, we must open to new possibilities, and choose to do something different.

Begin by challenging your fears.

If you’d like to travel solo, here are a few suggestions to make yourself more comfortable:

  1. Sign up for a walking tour. Schedule one for your first or second day, depending on your arrival time. You’ll have an opportunity to learn something about the area you’re visiting, and may connect with other travelers. (For instance, I have met others for dinner, and on a couple of occasions, we have even travelled together!)

  2. Be flexible. Choose two or three things you’d like to do during your trip, then leave plenty of time to walk around and wonder. This will give you structure, as well as free time to discover unexpected surprises!

  3. Learn the language. If you don’t know the language of the country you’re traveling to, pick up a language book and learn a few helpful phrases. Locals will appreciate it, and you’ll feel more included in the culture.

  4. Make contacts in advance. For instance, if you play music, go online and search for other musicians who live in the area you’ll be visiting. Send them an email letting them know when you’ll be visiting, that you also play music, are traveling solo, and would like to meet with other musicians while you’re in the area. I’ve used the strategy to reach out to members of dance groups, as well as professionals who are in the same line of work as I am. Someone in Portugal even planned a small party for me as I was visiting during my birthday!

  5. Be safe. Most importantly, stay someplace where you’ll feel safe and comfortable. For instance, doing a home exchange with another habiqohomeswap member will give you first-hand knowledge of the area you’ll be visiting, and the experience of living like a local!

The decision to stretch my comfort zone and go the dance alone when I was in my 30’s was a turning point in my life that led to traveling solo. It’s been decades since that experience, and I’ve learned a lot along the way, including my love of traveling solo. It provides the freedom I like, and makes it easier to meet locals, as well as other travelers – some with whom I’ve formed long-term friendships that would never have happened otherwise.

Challenge your fears. Create a plan. Get support, when needed. Then have the time of your life!


Theresa Conti is a Life Coach, and seasoned traveler. She supports women in developing the courage and confidence to travel solo, and create travel plans that inspire and delight them. Contact her at Theresa@reconnecting2you.com to schedule a complimentary consultation. You’ll get acquainted, talk about your dreams and concerns, and explore how she can help you.

Following Your Dreams: Facing Your Fears While Traveling Solo By Theresa Conti, CLC

HOME ID: #439

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Tips to secure your next home swap
Tips to secure your next home swap

Picture yourself escaping to your dream destination, whether it's a serene vacation or a spontaneous getaway. Amidst the chaos of organizing and expenses, finding the perfect solution can seem overwhelming.

Let us guide you with just three straightforward steps, bringing you closer to making your travel fantasies come true.

Fine-Tune Your Habiqo Listing:

  • Update Your Profile Section: Begin by refreshing your profile section. Tell the Habiqo community a bit about yourself. Share your interests, hobbies, and what type of traveler you are. Are you an adventurous explorer, a culture enthusiast, or perhaps a family-oriented traveler? Providing insights into your personality and travel preferences will help potential exchange partners get to know you better and determine if you're a good match for their swap.

  • Polish Up Your Photos: High-quality photos can make all the difference. Ensure your home is presented in its best light by replacing any blurry or poorly lit images with clear, well-composed photos. Let your home's unique features shine through, giving potential exchange partners a true sense of the experience they'll enjoy. After all, sharing the beauty and charm of your home is what makes the swapping experience truly special!

  • Describe Your Home in Detail: Don't just settle for a one-liner description. Take the time to paint a vivid picture of your home. Highlight its unique features, amenities, and any special touches that set it apart. The more detailed and enticing your description, the more likely you are to attract potential swappers.

  • Share Your Preferences and Interests: Make sure to update your calendar on Habiqo to reflect your availability accurately. Potential exchange partners will appreciate knowing when your home is available for swapping. Additionally, specify your preferred destinations for swaps. Whether you're dreaming of a beach getaway, a city escape, or a mountain retreat, being clear about your desired locations will help attract suitable exchange offers. By communicating your needs and interests effectively, you'll streamline the exchange process and increase the likelihood of finding the perfect match for your next home swap adventure.

How to Find Your Ideal Match

  • Explore Diverse Destinations: With Habiqo, you can travel to a vast array of destinations around the globe. From bustling cities to tranquil beachside retreats, the options are endless. Take advantage of the platform's search feature to browse homes in your desired destination.

  • Utilize Filters: Narrow down your search using filters to refine your results. Filter by location, dates, accommodation type, and amenities to find homes that meet your specific preferences. Whether you're looking for a pet-friendly property, a poolside paradise, or a cozy cabin in the mountains, filters can help you find exactly what you're looking for.

  • Browse with an Open Mind: While it's essential to have criteria in mind for your exchange, don't be afraid to explore different options. You might discover hidden gems or unique properties that you hadn't considered before. Keep an open mind and be flexible as you can in your search.

  • Reach Out to Potential Swappers: Once you've found a few promising listings, don't hesitate to reach out to the members to express your interest. Communication is key in the home swapping process, so feel free to ask questions, discuss potential arrangements, and get to know your potential exchange partners.

The Final Steps to Secure Your Swap

You're almost there! Follow these final steps to ensure a smooth and successful home swap.

  • Select Your Ideal Home: You've discovered a home that's perfect for your next vacation, or perhaps there are a few that have caught your eye. Now, it's time to take the next step and reach out to the members to express your interest in a swap! Simply select the listing you're interested in and click "contact the member"

Once you've clicked "Contact the member," you'll have the opportunity to add a subject to your message. For example, you could ask, "Would you be interested in visiting my home in Barbados?"

From there, you can specify the type of swap, select the listing you want to exchange with, indicate the duration of your stay, and let them know who's joining you.

Make the next move and embrace the freedom of home swapping. Grab your passport and ignite your imagination to embark on your exchange journey today!

Login here

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Exploring the World Through the Eyes of a Solo Female Traveler: A Conversation with Theresa Conti
Exploring the World Through the Eyes of a Solo Female Traveler: A Conversation with Theresa Conti

A little village in Austria

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re delighted to introduce Theresa, a solo female traveler who is eagerly embracing the spirit of adventure with Habiqo Home Swap. With her passion for exploration and her eyes set on new horizons, Theresa is poised to embark on an unforgettable journey, fueled by the promise of discovery and connection.

Can you tell us about your journey towards solo travel and how it has impacted your life?

Absolutely. I realized many years ago, when I was in my 30s, that if I waited for someone to do something with, I could be waiting for the rest of my life. I decided to stretch myself and started going out on my own. It was a turning point in my life that eventually led to traveling solo. In fact, I find that traveling on my own not only provides the freedom I desire but opens possibilities for meeting locals and having experiences that might not ever happen if I weren’t traveling solo.

Boheian Saxon Switzerland National Park

What inspired you to join Habiqo Home Swap?

I am delighted to have joined Habiqo Home Swap. Their wonderful service not only makes travel affordable but gives me the opportunity to meet fellow travelers and live like a local. I was actually invited to join Habiqo by another member of the platform, which further piqued my interest and led me to discover the amazing benefits of home swapping.

Giverny, France

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Theresa’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of solo travel and the boundless opportunities it offers for personal growth and exploration. Her journey—from embracing independence to discovering the the wonderful world of home swapping with Habiqo—exemplifies the spirit of resilience, courage, and curiosity that defines solo female travelers around the world.

In the words of Theresa, “The world is your oyster, and with home swapping, the possibilities are endless.” So, to all the solo female travelers out there, may you continue to blaze your own trails, forge meaningful connections, and embark on adventures that ignite your soul.

If you'd like to get in touch with Theresa to arrange a home swap, please click here.

Happy International Women's Day from all of us at Habiqo!

Join our Facebook Community Group Here

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Exploring the World Through the Eyes of a Solo Female Traveler
Exploring the World Through the Eyes of a Solo Female Traveler

As we celebrate International Women's Day, we're delighted to introduce Makho Ngcobo, a solo female traveler who is eagerly embracing the spirit of adventure with Habiqo Home Swap. With her passion for exploration and her eyes set on new horizons, Makho is poised to embark on an unforgettable journey, fueled by the promise of discovery and connection.

Q 1: Can you tell us about your most memorable solo travel experience so far?

Reflecting on my travel evolution, I have traveled to 34 countries and short of 60 cities. I recall my early adventures in bustling cities like Dubai, Istanbul, London, and New York, which I would frequent during shopping festivals and fashion weeks. While my travels used to revolve around shopping and fast-paced experiences, I now find joy in indulging in countless massages, water sports, and chilling by the pool at beach clubs, making connections with locals and visitors alike. I love Bali for its top-tier beach clubs. On the other hand, Vietnam holds a special place in my heart for its rejuvenating massages and pamper treatments, which provided moments of relaxation and indulgence amidst my solo exploration of its rich culture and history. Boracay Island in the Philippines stands out as the most memorable experience overall. It was my birthday trip, and I had traveled with two of my friends, with whom I sometimes travel with. It offered full value for money, impeccable service, and a variety of water activities.

Q 2: What inspired you to start solo traveling, and how has it empowered you?

I enjoy solo travel as much as I enjoy travel with loved ones, but the two modes of travel offer me different things. Solo travel feels like a retreat, a time to meet myself in a conducive environment. When traveling solo, I tend to travel for a month to about three months, and I tend to be more flexible in terms of my explorations as I do not need to consult anyone. Going for longer also means that I have to factor in some remote work, and luckily my work as a co-founder and CEO allows me the flexibility, as long as I am available virtually to give strategic input. Through solo travel, I've learned to trust my instincts, embrace vulnerability, and celebrate the beauty of diversity.

Q 3: How do you think platforms like ours can support and empower solo female travelers?

Platforms like Habiqo play a pivotal role in supporting and empowering solo female travelers by fostering a sense of community and trust. By providing a safe and reliable network for home swapping, it offers women the opportunity to explore the world with confidence and peace of mind.

Q 4: What do you look for when choosing accommodation for your travels, and how does the idea of home swapping appeal to you?

When choosing accommodation for my travels, I prioritize comfort, authenticity, and connection. The idea of home swapping resonates deeply with me as it allows me to experience destinations through the eyes of a local, immersing myself in the heartbeat of a community. It offers a unique opportunity to forge genuine connections, share stories, and create lasting memories. On the other hand, it allows me to make use of the various properties I have in different cities in South Africa, offering others an opportunity to explore my beautiful country in safety and comfort.

Q 5: How do you think solo travel contributes to personal growth and self-discovery?

To other women considering embarking on solo travel adventures, I encourage you to embrace the journey wholeheartedly. Allow yourself to be guided by curiosity, courage, and an open mind. Trust in your abilities, stay true to your instincts, and never underestimate the transformative power of solo exploration. As one wise person once said, "If you can sit alone at a restaurant table, you can do anything." I extend that sentiment to solo travel: "If you can travel solo, you have conquered the world." It's in those moments of solitude and self-reliance that you discover your true strength and resilience, paving the way for endless possibilities and unforgettable experiences.

Q 6: What advice would you give to other women who are considering embarking on solo travel adventures through home swapping? Platforms like Habiqo Home Swap can significantly enhance the solo travel experience for women by providing a supportive network and a sense of belonging. By facilitating home exchanges, Habiqo offers women the added layer of security, an opportunity to travel sustainably, authentically, and affordably while forging meaningful connections along the way.

Makho's story serves as a profound testament to the transformative journey that solo travel offers. Her evolution, from the hustle of bustling cities to the serene embrace of beach clubs and cultural exploration, embodies the essence of personal growth and self-discovery. Through her experiences, Makho has not only embraced independence but also discovered the enriching possibilities that solo travel offers, and with home swapping, the possibilities are endless.

If you'd like to get in touch with Makho to organize a home swap, please click here.

Happy International Women's Day from all of us at Habiqo Home Swap!

Join our Facebook Community Group Here

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Principles for a successful home swap
Principles for a successful home swap

Communication is essential

To develop a relationship with your exchange partner, communication is vital. Everything should be discussed, and any concerns or questions should be cleared up!

Describe your home honestly

You want your exchange partners to be delighted rather than disappointed when they arrive. Never conceal the existence of pets.

Don't forget to thank them!

Our community values kindness and small tokens of appreciation, so remember to express gratitude to your exchange partner whenever you can.

Make space for your guests

Clear enough personal belongings from shelves, wardrobes, and drawers so that your exchange partners can empty their suitcases, arrange their belongings in bedrooms and bathrooms, and feel at home.

Create a "Guide to Your Home and Surroundings"

Make your guests' travel experience memorable by assisting them in discovering off-the-beaten-path attractions. A simple binder or notebook should contain tourist information, instructions for household appliances, pet care, garbage collection information, and a list of local attractions.

Leave your home clean

As cleaning standards vary, make sure the floor is clean, the refrigerator is empty, the oven and stovetop are grease-free, the bath and shower are disinfected, the windows are clear, and the surfaces are dust-free. It is not necessary to repaint the house! And remember to do the same when you leave your exchange partner's home at the end of your stay.

Show Me Homes

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A Guide to Maximize Home Swapping in 2024
A Guide to Maximize Home Swapping in 2024

As we step into 2024 with a thirst for new adventures, the concept of home exchange presents a unique and affordable avenue to travel the world. If you're eager to travel more this year and immerse yourself in different cultures, this guide will walk you through the process of maximizing home swapping for an enriched and cost-effective travel experience.

  1. Join a Home Exchange Platform: Start by signing up for Habiqo Home Swap, a reputable platform connecting homeowners globally. Create a compelling profile that showcases the uniqueness of your home and highlights what makes your location special.

  2. Perfect Your Home Listing: When creating your home listing, be thorough and showcase your home's best features. Include high-quality photos, a detailed description of your property, and information about the surrounding area. The more attractive your listing, the higher the chances of finding like-minded individuals eager to swap homes.

  1. Be Open to Various Destinations: One of the beauties of home exchange is the opportunity to explore new destinations. Be flexible with your travel plans and consider a variety of locations. This openness can lead to unexpected discoveries and enriching cultural experiences.

  2. Build Trust and Communicate: Establishing trust with your exchange partner is crucial. Communicate openly, share details about your expectations, and address any concerns or questions promptly. A strong foundation of trust will ensure a smoother exchange process and a more enjoyable travel experience for both parties.

  3. Plan Well in Advance: While spontaneity has its charms, planning a home swap works best when done well in advance. Discuss travel dates, house rules, and any specific arrangements with your exchange partner to ensure a seamless transition.

  4. Explore Local Experiences: One of the perks of home swapping is living like a local. Take advantage of your host's recommendations and immerse yourself in the community. Explore local markets, try regional cuisines, and engage with neighbors for an authentic travel experience.

  5. Consider Non-Simultaneous Exchanges: If syncing up travel dates proves challenging, explore non-simultaneous exchanges. This allows you to stay at your exchange partner's home at a different time, offering more flexibility in your travel plans.

  1. Leave a Thoughtful Welcome Package: Make your exchange partner feel at home by leaving a thoughtful welcome package. Include information about your home, neighborhood tips, and perhaps a small local gift. This gesture creates a positive atmosphere and sets the tone for a memorable stay.

  2. Share Your Experiences: After each exchange, share your experiences on the home exchange platform. Leaving positive feedback and helpful tips not only benefits your exchange partner but also contributes to the community spirit of home exchange.


Home swapping is a fantastic way to travel more in 2024 while enjoying the comforts of a home away from home. By embracing this unique approach, you'll not only explore new destinations but also forge connections with people from different parts of the world. So, open your doors to adventure, exchange homes, and let 2024 be a year filled with exciting travel experiences. Safe travels!

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How to create the perfect home swap listing
How to create the perfect home swap listing

Ready to generate serious interest in your listing? Continue reading to get an overview of how to craft an exceptional property listing. After that, we'll delve into a comprehensive, section-by-section guide to ensure your home truly stands out.

How to Create the Perfect Home Swap Listing

Use High-Quality Photos

Use high-quality photos to effectively showcase your home's appeal. Whether taken with a professional camera or a smartphone, ensure your images are sharp, well-composed, well-lit, and clear. Additionally, ensure that the photographs capture the mood of each room, accentuate the attractiveness of the outside, and highlight any distinctive or enticing features. High-quality photos can significantly enhance the attractiveness of your home swap listing and capture the attention of potential exchange partners.

Introduce Your Home To The Community

Add A Listing Title

This could be one of the first details a potential member reads about your home, along with property photographs and location. As a result, it is critical to pitch your home in the greatest way possible. Strive to create a concise opening listing title that effectively highlights key aspects of your home, including size, location (including any relevant neighborhood details), and distinctive features.

Here Are Some Effective Titles To Inspire You:

  • Charming Family Retreat in a Tranquil Neighborhood
  • Barcelona flat with views of the sea from all 12 windows !
  • Custom-Built Dream Home with Every Amenity
  • Near Pismo beach and 1/2 way to San Francisco and Los Angeles
  • New Orleans traditional shotgun house
  • Rustic house in the calm!
  • Quaint Cottage in a Picturesque Lakeside Community
  • Artist's Haven with Inspiring Studio Space
  • Historic Gem in the Heart of Downtown -Flat next to Baltic Sea in a beautiful city Gdansk

Tell Us About Your Home

Having a well-written home description is essential to the success of any Habiqo Home Swap profile. You don't need to write a book, but it should include enough detail to inform people what to expect from your home, while remaining concise to make it easy to read. Ideally, you should keep your description between 250 and 350 words.

  • Highlight Key Features: Begin by highlighting the standout features of your home, whether it's a spacious living area, a scenic balcony, or a well-equipped kitchen.
  • Set the Scene: Paint a vivid picture of your home's surroundings, whether it's nestled in a quiet neighborhood or boasts breathtaking views.
  • Include Amenities: Mention any amenities available to swappers, such as a swimming pool, barbecue area, or a cozy fireplace.
  • Local Attractions: Share nearby attractions, restaurants, and activities that make your location appealing.
  • House Rules: Clearly outline any important house rules, such as pet policies or smoking restrictions, what about your car, is that included in the swap, too?
  • Personal Touch: Add a personal touch to your description by sharing what you love most about your home and the area it's in.
  • Accessibility: Mention any accessibility features if your home is suitable for specific needs.

Tell The Community About the Size Of Your Home

Let the community know the dimensions and capacity of your home, helping them determine if its suitable for their needs. These include:

How Many Bedrooms: – Share the number of bedrooms in your home, providing a clear idea of sleeping spaces.

Details About Your Bed

King Bed

Single Bed

baby Cribs


How Many Bathrooms: –Highlight the number of bathrooms to ensure that everyone understands how convenient your home is.

Total Guest Capacity: – Specify the maximum number of guests your home can comfortably accommodate, allowing potential visitors to plan accordingly.

Tell Us What Makes Your Home Special

Listing the amenities your home provides is crucial to help members understand that your home caters to their needs perfectly. These amenities includes:

  • Fully Equipped Kitchen: Including all the amenity icons, indicates that your kitchen has all the necessary tools and utensils for cooking and dining.
  • Modern Appliances: Specify the availability of appliances such as a refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and stove.
  • Coffee Maker: Mention if there's a coffee maker or espresso machine for caffeine enthusiasts.
  • Pantry or Food Storage: Mention any pantry space or food storage options available to guests.

Entertainment Features: What forms of entertainment does your home provide - Showcase the available options, ranging from a pool table, swimming pool, and tennis court to various games, cable or streaming services, and a home theater, all available for your guests' enjoyment.

Accessibility Features: Outline the provisions for guests with unique requirements, including the availability of ramps, elevators, or step-free entrances, as well as on-site parking, all aimed at ensuring a comfortable and inclusive stay.

Assistance Amenities: Highlight any exceptional assistance amenities, such as a concierge service, round-the-clock support, housekeeping or childcare options, and informative guides to help guests navigate the local area effectively.

Housekeeping Rules: House Rules: Inform guests about the guidelines in your home, including responsibilities like watering plants, adhering to a no-smoking policy, considerations for pets, and any care instructions for resident cats.

Make Your Profile Stand Out!

Home swapping is all about building connections with people, so it's crucial to craft a profile that offers a glimpse of who you are. The 'About Me and My Family' section serves as an ideal space to share vital information with potential swap partners. In this section, you can include details about your hobbies and any preferences you might have, such as your housekeeping style, preferred locations for swaps, or ideal timing for exchanges.

Here You Can Include:

  • Languages Spoken: Inform the community about the languages you can communicate in.
  • Your Interests: Share your hobbies and passions, whether it's food tourism, golf, hiking, or any other interests you have.
  • Traveler Type: Share your unique travel style, whether you identify as an eco-traveler, a retired traveler, a professional, or something else.
  • Housekeeping Style: Communicate your housekeeping preferences, are you're meticulous, laid-back, or somewhere in between. This will help potential swappers understand your expectations.

Verify Your Phone Number

Verifying your phone is an essential step to enhance the security of your account. It helps in authenticating your identity and ensuring a safe and reliable user experience.

Preferred Destination

Highlighting your preferred destination is crucial information to include in your listing. This key detail provides valuable insights for other members, helping them understand your travel preferences and where you'd like to go. Remember, regularly updating your preferred destination maximizes your results, ensuring a successful and enjoyable home swap experience.

By adding your preferred destinations, you not only enhance your chances of finding an exchange but also elevate your home's visibility on search pages. This simple step can significantly increase your opportunities for successful home swaps.

Saving A Preferred Destination

Members can follow these steps:

  • Navigate to 'My Profile.'
  • Click on 'Add a Preferred Destination' in the popup box.
  • Enter the city and country you wish to visit.
  • Click 'Save Destination' to store your travel preference.

Once you've added preferred destinations, you have the flexibility to edit or delete them as needed. This allows you to fine-tune and update your travel preferences according to your evolving plans or interests. Simply navigate back to your profile section in your account,and choose the option to edit or delete as per your preferences.

Are My Peferred Dstinations Visible To Other Members, And Can I View Theirs?

Yes, your chosen destination is visible to other members, and you can see their preferences as well. If you currently have no upcoming travel plans, you can eliminate your travel destination by deleting any existing entries. Feel free to add them again when you're prepared to embark on your journey.

There are no limits on the number of places you can add to your preferred destination. However, we do encourage members to maintain this and keep it as up to date as possible.

How Should I Use The Calendar For Home Swaps?

We cannot stress enough how frequently you should update your calendar. The calendar is an important tool for planning your next home swap. The calendar displays your home's availability to the public, just like your photographs and descriptions do. In essence, it provides a summary of your homes availability.

How Can I Edit My Home Swap Calendar?

By default, your calendar is blank and white. Unless you block out times on your calendar, your listing is assumed to be available. To complete your calendar, you will see five colour options at the top of the calendar. There is a "?" next to each option/color that you can click on to get more information.

Here's a step-by-step layout for editing your Home Swap calendar:

Log In: Access your dashboard by logging in to your Home Swap account.

Navigate to Availability: Click on 'update my availability' within the 'edit listing' section.

Select Swap Type: Under 'swap type,' click on 'add my availability.'

Choose Swap Type: Select the 'type of swap' that suits your preferences.

Navigate to Desired Month: Use the right arrow to navigate to the month you want to edit.

Highlight Dates: Highlight the dates you wish to modify.

Save Availability: Click 'save availability.'

Repeat if Necessary: If you have more changes, repeat the process as many times as needed.

Final Save: Remember to click 'save' when you are finished, located next to the publish button.

By following these steps, you can efficiently edit your Home Swap calendar to keep it up-to-date with your availability.

Why You Should keep Your Calendar Up To Date

Regularly updating your calendar is essential for several reasons:

  • Visibility and Search Ranking: On platforms that involve searches, regular updates can enhance your visibility, increasing the likelihood of being found and receiving more interaction or requests.
  • Community Engagement: Communicate your availability and preferences thoroughly, including your preferred swap type, whether regular swap or SandDollars. This allows you to be contacted in a more targeted and personalised manner based on your preferences.
  • Mutual Understanding: Keeping your calendar up to date allows you to understand what others are looking for, fostering mutual understanding and increasing the chances of positive responses.
  • Build Trust: Maintaining your calendar on a regular basis fosters trust within the community, demonstrating your commitment to your exchange goals.

To explore the Help Center for additional assistance and guidance. click here!

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A Comprehensive Guide to Messaging
A Comprehensive Guide to Messaging

We are dedicated to fostering global travel experiences through the power of home swapping. This innovative approach offers an incredibly cost-effective means of discovering the world. What truly sets our community apart is the remarkable friendliness and camaraderie among our members. Their eagerness to connect with one another and share their homes creates a truly exceptional group of individuals. Therefore, it's critical that their messages accurately represent their individual personalities when they reach out to one another to request and plan swaps.

We understand that not everyone is naturally skilled at writing, this guide aims to provide you with all the information necessary to craft excellent messages when communicating with fellow Habiqo Home Swap members. By doing so, we hope to enhance your chances of securing more enjoyable getaways!

This guide will walk you through:

  • How messaging works
  • How to find your messages
  • What information to include in your messages
  • The do’s and don’ts of messaging
  • How to send a message
  • A checklist of things to cover when organising a home swap

Getting Started with Messaging

How messaging works

Members can arrange swaps conveniently through our secure platform using our messaging service. To begin a conversation with another member, just pick a home you like, click "Contact the member," choose the type of swap, select the listing you want to exchange with, specify the duration of your stay, and let them know who's joining you.

Next: Add a subject - here's an e.g. Would you be interested in visiting my home in Barcelona?

Next: Add a personalised message - If you're new to Swapping Homes, here is an example:

For those who are new to home swapping with Habiqo Home Swap, it's important to build trust within the community. Here's how we would approach this situation:

How to find your messages

To access your messages, simply log into your dashboard and click on the message icon located in the top right-hand corner of the page. If you receive a new message, you'll notice an orange number displayed on your messaging icon, indicating that you have an unread message in your inbox.

Here, you'll find all your messages conveniently organized from newest to oldest. To read an individual message, simply click on "see the conversation." Additionally, you can view and access the listing of any member who has requested a swap with you. You don't have to attach your listing link, as it will be automatically displayed to the member.

Here are some top tips for writing great home swap messages

The do’s and don’ts of messaging

Here are some examples of what a great home swap message might look like:

After taking into account our top tips and dos and don'ts earlier, it's time to craft your home swap request. It can be intimidating to write a message from scratch for the first time. Here are a few examples to inspire you:

If you're exchanging for the first time,

If you're new to the world of home swapping, especially if you're just starting your journey with Habiqo Home Swap, it's essential to build trust. Here's an example to help you get started:

If you're seeking a last-minute home swap, here's an example to help you get started:

If you have specific needs when swapping

When you have special requirements for a house swap, it's important that you communicate them properly to guarantee a seamless enjoyable exchange. Here's an example of how to explain your needs in a house swap message:

If a swap isn't possible on this occasion

Remember that a thoughtful, personalized approach to home swap requests is more likely to yield positive results. Tailoring your message to the recipient's interests and being respectful throughout the communication process is key to building trust and successful home swapping.

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How to Take Attractive Photos for Your Home Swap Listing
How to Take Attractive Photos for Your Home Swap Listing

It is a requirement that your profile includes a minimum of three photos, but there is no limit to the number of photos you can add to your listing. In the world of home exchange, first impressions are importance. Your home exchange profile serves as the virtual gateway to your home, and the images you choose to share can impact the possibility for an exchange. Whether you are a seasoned home swapper or embarking on your first home swap adventure. This blog is here to provide guidance on capturing captivating photos that effectively showcase your home in the best possible light. We will explore every aspect, from mastering lighting and composition to artful staging and editing, all aimed at ensuring your home exchange profile truly shines.

Jennifer's home in Cape Cod, USA

Let There Be Light:
The key to fantastic home photos is good lighting. Natural light is your best friend. Open those curtains and let the sunshine in. If you're taking photos at night, use warm, soft lighting to create a cozy atmosphere.

Declutter and Clean:
Before you start snapping away, tidy up! Remove any clutter, make sure the beds are made up, take out the dead plant in the corner that you've been meaning to get to. A clean and organized space will make your home look more appealing.

Choose the Right Angle: Experiment with different angles to find the one that best highlights your space. Capture wide shots to show the entire room and close-ups to emphasize unique features.

Jessica's home, Germany

Staging Matters:

Arrange your furniture thoughtfully. Fluff the pillows, and set the dining table. Create inviting scenes that help potential swappers visualize themselves in your home.

Showcase Unique Features:

Highlight what makes your home special. Whether it's a cozy fireplace, a stunning view, or a quirky bookshelf, make sure these features are front and center in your photos.

Capture the Details:

Don't forget the little things that make a house a home. Photograph fresh flowers on the table, a steaming cup of coffee, or a stack of books by the window. These details add warmth and character.

Use a Good Camera:

While smartphone cameras are impressive, if you have access to a DSLR or a high-quality camera, use it. They provide more control over settings like exposure and depth of field.

Tripod for Stability:

A tripod ensures your photos are steady and blur-free. It's especially useful for low-light shots or long exposures.

Rule of Thirds:

Apply the rule of thirds to compose your shots. Imagine dividing the frame into a 3x3 grid and placing your subject along these lines or at their intersections for a pleasing composition.

Post-Processing and Editing:

After taking your shots, consider some basic editing. Crop, adjust brightness and contrast, and remove any imperfections. Many free and paid editing apps are available for this purpose.

Consistency is Key:

Maintain a consistent style across your photos. This helps create a cohesive and visually appealing profile.

Upload a Variety of Shots:

Display your home from various angles and viewpoints. Include images of each room, the outside, and any amenities or outdoor spaces, as well as any significant statues or monuments nearby.

Texas Lake House

Be Honest and Authentic:

While you want to make your home look its best, avoid overly enhancing photos to the point where they misrepresent your space. Honesty is crucial in building trust with potential exchange partners.

Seek Feedback:

Before finalizing your profile, ask friends or family for feedback on your photos. Fresh eyes can provide valuable insights.

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How to prepare your home for your first house swap !
How to prepare your home for your first house swap !

Preparing your home for your first house swap is an important step to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for both you and your exchange partners. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get ready:

  1. Clean and Declutter: Give your home a thorough cleaning. Vacuum, dust, and clean all rooms, paying extra attention to the kitchen and bathroom. Declutter spaces to create an organized and welcoming environment.
  2. Fix Any Issues: Before the swap, address any minor repairs or maintenance tasks that need attention. This includes fixing leaky faucets, squeaky doors, or other small issues that could affect your exchange partner's comfort.
  3. Safety Precautions: Ensure that your home is safe for your exchange partner. Check smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers to make sure they're functioning properly. If you have a security system, provide instructions on how to use it.
  4. Secure your Valuables: Secure your personal and valuable items in a locked cabinet, safe, or a designated storage area. This helps both you and your guests feel at ease during the exchange.
  5. Create a Guest Guide: Prepare a comprehensive guest guide that includes information about your home's appliances, Wi-Fi access, heating/cooling systems, and any quirks that your guests should know about. Include emergency contact numbers, nearby services, and attractions.
  6. Clear Space for Guests: Make space in closets and drawers for your exchange partner to store their belongings. Leave some hangers available for their clothes. Empty some shelves in the bathroom and kitchen for their use.
  7. Local Information: Put together a folder with information about your local area. Include maps, brochures, and recommendations for nearby restaurants, attractions, grocery stores, and transportation options.
  8. Notify Neighbors: Inform your neighbors about the upcoming house swap. Provide them with your exchange partners' names and contact information, so they're aware of who will be staying in your home.
  9. Clear Refrigerator and Pantry: Remove perishable items from the fridge and pantry to prevent any spoilage during the swap. You can leave non-perishable items that your guests can use.
  10. Pet Considerations: If you have pets, make sure to discuss pet care arrangements with your exchange partners. If you're comfortable with it, you can leave instructions for pet care.
  11. Final Walkthrough: Before leaving, conduct a final walkthrough of your home to ensure everything is in order and ready for your guests. Check that appliances are turned off, lights are switched off, and doors/windows are locked.
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